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Shure Beta 91A Boundry Condenser Microphone

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The Shure BETA 91 is a high performance condenser microphone with a tailored frequency response designed specifically for kick drums and other instruments. It provides superb attack and punch, and delivers studio quality sound, with minimal distortion even at extremely high sound pressure levels.

The BETA 91 features a half-cardioid pattern (cardioid in the hemisphere above the mounting surface) throughout its frequency range to insure high gain before feedback and excellent rejection of unwanted sound.


  • Reliable wireless performance
  • Impedance 146 Ohms
  • Polar Pattern Half-cardioid (cardioid in hemisphere above mounting surface)
  • Common Mode Rejection (20 Hz to 20 kHz): > 55 dB
  • Frequency Contour Switch: 7 dB of attenuation centered at 400 kHz
  • Power Requirements: 11-52 Vdc phantom power, 5.6 mA
  • Dynamic Range (at 1 kHz) -1000 Ohm load: 121.5 dB - 2500 Ohm load: 125.5 dB
  • Superior sound quality

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