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(NFMC 20-24)  Copland, The Cat and the Mouse [Piano] Piano

(NFMC 20-24) Copland, The Cat and the Mouse [Piano] Piano

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Aaron Copland's "Scherzo Humoristique," written in 1920, is indeed musically humorous as it depicts the skittering rodent and sinister feline in a demanding, but very enjoyable etude setting, using complex 1/16 note patterns, glissando, grace notes, chromatic scale work, and a generous use of the entire keyboard. There are sudden shifts in tempo and dynamics, and the performer tells a definite story, albeit without narration. Large hand reaches, sometimes 9ths, are required on some of the full block chords. A Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selection. A Federation Festivals 2020-2024 selection.

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